Software based on the standard API 580 and specialized in storage tanks

RBI consultancy or application implanted
on site

Meeting the client in their installations is essential to know their needs and the conditions of their facilities in order to understand and adapt the conditions to the software.

Predictive Maintenance program for tank storage plants using Big Data

According to the parameters of the standard, using Big Data knowledge it collects all the possibilities and typologies of the tank and the product that has been stored.

Technical staff composed by API 580 certified technicians

Additionally, our technical team, composed by well-prepared professionals qualified API 580 certifications, reports the recommendations and hypothesis of behavior and risk with slight modifications for the use of the tank.

RBI strategy improves your maintenance plan for a single tank as well as for tank farm

Less risk in your operations and equipments means more safety and durability in your plant and better results in your inspection plan.

ICIASA RBI is a step forward in the storage tank management: it is able to improve the life time of different equipment.
It allows the monitoring and minimization of their risks.


ICIASA RBI, a fundamental tool for the petrochemical industry

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